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Know about our Founders and expansion plans

The founders of our film production company have experience in making films for past 4 years . They have vast experience in both pre-production, production, and past-production. We are quickly expanding our operations with new offices in cities like London. Our vision is to create films that will make a lasting impact on audiences around the world. We are dedicated to creating content that is entertaining, engaging, and inspiring.

Know About The Founders

Diors Pictures, a Film Production Company is founded by two Young & Creative enthusiasts by name Elsabet  G B and Lilibet G B
Bring Your Ideas to Life with Diors Pictures - Where stories come to life

Strengths of Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B

Both Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have comprehensive management skills and vast experience not only in managing and running a film production company, but also in managing and running any big corporate company with unparalleled expertise in general administration, human resources, marketing, financial and operational management, and more.

1. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have already established their own banner of film production company with name DIORS PICTURES in India and DIORS PICTURES LTD in UK and are actively pursuing their passion. 

2. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B  have produced full fledged 2 short films so far in the capacity of script writer, actor, producer and director. 

3. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have 6 more films in the pipeline to be produced very shortly. We both wrote and have in hand around 200 film scripts, with our own original ideas, which must go into production over a period of time. 

4. Since film production is a collaborative process, Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B need their combined expertise in various facets of film production , which Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have in abundance. 

5. The fact that Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B were able to produce the above mentioned films,  speaks volumes about our vast experience and skills not only in managing and running a film production company, but also in managing and running any big corporate company with general administration,  which includes, but not limited to 

 a. Directing, filming, editing & producing films 

 b. Managing the entire production process (pre-production, production and post-production) for various film projects from filming, storyboarding to shooting to editing.

 c. Lead films and other visual storytelling projects from inception to completion, scheduling and coordinating shoots, writing and editing scenes,  hiring members of the production crew. 

 d. Helping in auditioning and selecting talented cast members.

 e. Having good skills and solid understanding of cinematic procedures, editing software and camera. 

 f. Managing company’s operational strategy, business affairs, production, finance and business development activities across company's business.

6. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have directly and indirectly 20+ years of knowledge, understanding and experience in managing and running film production and in general administration of managing and running any big corporate company. We know the film industry inside and out.


7. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B were employed and handled various job roles in different film production companies in India from 2019 to 2023 , where Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B had hands-on experience as a leader in managing and running film production company and team .


8. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B are tutored by powerful Hollywood directors like Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron via their masterclass programs.

9. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B are driven and passionate of their jobs. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B are affirmative that their passion and skill will make all their upcoming wonderful projects a great success.

10. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have done online certification courses with reputed international university, after completing and submitting all of their respective creative original project works, which were applauded by one and all. For example see below for more recently completed certification courses!


Why a Film Producer, Director, Film Editor and Cinematographer is important to the company? 

The job of a Film Producer, Film Director, Film Editor, and Cinematographer is very crucial for the running of film production company.

  • Financial Management: Handle budgeting and financial aspects to ensure film projects are economically viable and stay within budget constraints.

  • Project Oversight: Provide strategic oversight, ensuring the smooth progression of projects from conception to completion.

  • Creative Vision: Shape the creative vision, guiding artistic elements of storytelling, cinematography, and performance.

  • Leadership: Provide leadership on set, ensuring effective collaboration among the cast and crew to bring scripts to life.

  • Storytelling Prowess: Play a critical role in shaping the narrative by selecting and arranging scenes to create a cohesive and compelling story.

  • Technical Expertise: Utilize technical skills in editing software to contribute to the visual and emotional impact of the final film.

  • Visual Aesthetics: Manage the visual aesthetics of the film, including framing, lighting, and camera movement and digital effects.

  • Collaboration: Collaborate closely with the creative team to translate the envisioned creative direction into captivating visual sequences.

This consolidated roles of Film Producer, Director, Film Editor, and Cinematographer streamlines the filmmaking process, leveraging a comprehensive skill set to ensure the production of high-quality films and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic film industry.

Importance to the Company:

  • Quality Production:

    • The collective expertise of these roles ensures the production of high-quality films that meet industry standards and audience expectations.

  • Brand Reputation:

    • Successful films enhance the company's brand reputation, attracting audiences and industry recognition.

  • Market Competitiveness:

    • Well-executed productions make the company more competitive in the dynamic and crowded film industry.

  • Financial Success:

    • Effective management by producers, creative direction by directors, impactful editing, and visually stunning cinematography contribute to the financial success of film projects.

  • Audience Engagement:

    • Compelling storytelling, visually appealing scenes, and seamless editing engage audiences, building a loyal fan base for the company.

  • Industry Recognition:

    • Recognition and awards for outstanding films elevate the company's status within the film industry.

  • Innovation and Creativity:

    • The collaboration of these roles fosters innovation, pushing boundaries, and contributing to the evolution of filmmaking techniques.

  • Talent Attraction:

    • Success attracts talented actors, crew members, and industry professionals, further enhancing the company's capabilities.

  • Diverse Project Portfolio:

    • The diverse skills of these roles enable the company to explore a range of genres and formats, appealing to a broader audience.

  • Client Satisfaction:

    • For companies producing films on behalf of clients, the effective collaboration of these roles ensures client satisfaction and repeat business.

In essence, the Film Producer, Director, Film Editor, and Cinematographer collectively play integral roles in the success and growth of a film production company, influencing its artistic reputation, financial performance, and industry standing.

Why an Actor, Presenter and Script Writer is important to the company?

The roles of an Actor, Presenter and a scriptwriter are pivotal for a film production company for several reasons:

1.            Storytelling Expertise:

●             Scriptwriter: A scriptwriter is responsible for crafting compelling and engaging narratives. A well-written script serves as the foundation for the entire production, influencing the quality and impact of the final product.

2.            On-Screen Representation:

●             Actor: Actor brings characters to life, adding depth and emotion to the script. Their performances contribute significantly to the audience's connection with the story, making it more relatable and memorable.

3.            Visual Communication:

●             Presenter: Presenter or host play a crucial role in conveying information or guiding the audience. Their effective communication skills contribute to the overall presentation and understanding of the content.

4.            Audience Engagement:

●             Actor and Presenter: The performances of actor and presenter are key factors in capturing and maintaining audience attention. Engaging performances enhance the overall viewing experience and contribute to the success of the film or production.

5.            Creative Collaboration:

●             Actor and Scriptwriter: The collaboration between actor and scriptwriter is essential for bringing characters to life authentically. A strong connection and understanding between these roles contribute to the seamless execution of the script.

6.            Alignment with Directorial Vision:

●             Actor and Presenter: Collaborating with directors, actors and presenters ensure that their performances align with the director's vision. This alignment is crucial for maintaining consistency and coherence in the storytelling process.

7.            Marketability and Promotion:

●             Presenter: In cases where a presenter is involved, their role extends to marketing and promoting the film. They contribute to building anticipation and interest in the production through effective presentation and communication.

8.            Emotional Connection:

●             Actor: Actor has the ability to evoke emotions and create a strong emotional connection between the audience and the characters. This emotional engagement is a powerful element in the success of a film.

9.            Versatility in Roles:

●             Actor and Scriptwriter: Versatile actor can take on a variety of roles, while scriptwriters can create diverse narratives. This versatility allows the film production company to explore different genres and themes, appealing to a broader audience.

10.          Innovation and Creativity:

●             Scriptwriter: Scriptwriter contributes to the innovation and creativity of a film's storyline. Their ability to develop unique and original scripts sets the tone for the overall creative direction of the production.

11. Bringing Characters to Life:

●             Actors, Presenters are the embodiment of the characters created by scriptwriters. Their performances breathe life into the narrative, making the story relatable and engaging for the audience.

12. Crafting the Narrative:

●             Scriptwriter is the architects of the film's narrative. They create the foundation upon which the entire production is built, shaping the story, dialogue, and character arcs that form the essence of the film.

13. Capturing Audience Emotions:

●             Actor, Presenter has the crucial task of translating the emotions and nuances embedded in the script into on-screen performances. The Actor, Presenter's ability to convey emotions effectively ensures that the audience become emotionally invested in the storyline.

14. Ensuring Authenticity:

●             Actor, Presenter and scriptwriter contribute to the authenticity of the film. Scriptwriter strives to create genuine, relatable characters and dialogues, while Actor, Presenter brings authenticity through  performances, making the narrative believable.

15. Creative Collaboration:

●             The synergy between Actor, Presenter and scriptwriter is vital for a successful film. Collaborative efforts between these two roles lead to a cohesive and impactful production where the script is translated into compelling performances on screen.

16. Visualizing the Story:

●             Actor, Presenter plays a crucial role in visually interpreting the script. The Actor, Presenter's expressions, body language, and delivery contribute to the visual representation of the narrative, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

17. Setting the Tone:

●             The tone of a film is established through the script, and Actor, Presenter plays a key role in embodying and expressing that tone. Whether it's a comedy, drama, or thriller, the Actor, Presenter's performances align with the script to set the desired atmosphere.

18. Innovative Storytelling:

●             Scriptwriter contributes to innovative storytelling by creating unique plots, characters, and dialogues. Actor, Presenter, through their interpretations, have the power to elevate the script's creativity and bring a fresh perspective to the narrative.

19. Connecting with the Audience:

●             Actor, Presenter and scriptwriter contribute to forging a connection with the audience. A well-written script, combined with compelling performances, creates an emotional bond that resonates with viewers and ensures a lasting impact.

20. Box Office Success:

●             The success of a film often hinges on the performances of its Actors, Presenters and the quality of the script. A captivating script paired with stellar acting can result in critical acclaim and commercial success.

21. Creative Innovation:

●             Actor, Presenter and scriptwriter play key roles in pushing creative boundaries. Their collaboration allows for innovative storytelling techniques, character developments, and dialogue styles that contribute to the evolution of filmmaking.

In essence, the job of an Actor, Presenter and a scriptwriter is indispensable to a film production company, as they are the driving forces behind the creation of a compelling and memorable cinematic experience. Their collaboration is foundational to the success of any film project. The roles of actors, presenters, and scriptwriters are vital components of a film production company, collectively influencing the storytelling, audience engagement, and overall success of the produced content. Their collaborative efforts bring creativity, authenticity, and entertainment value to the forefront, making them indispensable contributors to the filmmaking process.

Future Plans of Expansion

Why we are expanding our company to London ?


1. London is the best choice to monetize Diors Pictures and to pursue the passion of Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B, by  collaborating with Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple tv, YouTube TV, Peacock, Paramount+, HBO Max, Sling TV, Warner brothers, Disney Studios, Paramount pictures, Universal pictures, Tubi , etc.


2. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B wrote and have in hand around 200 film scripts, with their own original ideas, which must go into production over a period of time. Most of these film scripts are  western themed for western theater and were written targeting western audiences. 


3. For most out of above 200 film scripts to be filmed, the film locations are most suited in England & rest of the UK . 


4. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B wish to make Diors Pictures a bigger worldwide company. So, London will give Diors Pictures a good image, and with independent and commercial market to monetize their intellectual property.


5. If Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B are head quartered in London, they can take up worldwide projects because we will be able to build fans on a worldwide level for better monetization. 


6. By being head quartered in London, both Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B will be in a solid position to monitor their works, as thir works are compared, criticized, bettered and appreciated by many international companies, overseas market participants, our competitors, our advocates etc, ultimately benefiting money wise ourselves. 


7. London has all the resources and opportunities that are necessary to bring out the best of what Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have to offer.


8. In London, Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B can outsource  creative and passionate people in their field who can collaborate with them to bring their projects to life. More trained, talented people in different areas of film production to hire, to work with, to collaborate with.


9. All their lives Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B were inspired by Hollywood and British film making and great British actors/actresses like Audrey Hepburn, great British literature like Sherlock Holmes, Great British

authors like Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare etc.


10. In London, Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have passion loving and encouraging, like  minded people, who know the value of art, and who love, understand and know what art is. They take art seriously.


11. Elsabet G B and Lilibet G B have watched only English movies and are well versed with Hollywood movie techniques.


12. People have good work ethics


13. Original popular plays started from London. They have theater, so more creativity is available.


14. Lot of creative pool.


15. People are good to get along with.

Meet The Team

Our Potential future Clients


The following are our potential customers with whom we are passionate to work and get associated with



Amazon Prime Video


Apple tv

YouTube TV




Sling TV

Warner brothers

Disney Studios

Paramount pictures

Universal pictures 


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